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Trusts and Estates

Trust and Estate CPA Services in Huntersville

Regardless of how much money you make, planning estates and trusts is an essential part of a sensible financial plan. Don’t leave these issues up to chance. At Brumley Robinson & Associates CPAs PLLC, we specialize in tax compliance issues for both trusts and estates, so you can maximize your return on investments while planning strategically for your future and your legacy. 

Estate Planning

Although estate planning can be complex, it’s important to work with a professional early on so that you’re well-informed about your choices. We can guide you through the process, helping you understand the financial and tax implications of every decision you make. Our estate planning services will help you:

  • Minimize taxes and avoid costly mistakes
  • djust your plans as your circumstances change
  • File paperwork when someone passes
  • Ensure proper tax compliance
  • Work with estate planning attorneys


Help preserve the wealth and stability of future generations by transferring your estate planning assets into a trust. Trusts follow certain distribution rules about how income is generated and where it goes. While trusts can often be complicated, we have many years of experience and can help you navigate the system. The benefits of a trust include:
  • Controlling your wealth - You can dictate the terms of your trust, including who receives funds, how often they receive them, and how much they receive. You can retain access to your trust during your lifetime, and designate who will control the funds after you’re gone.
  • Protecting your legacy - When funds are put into a trust, they are safe from your heirs’ creditors, and potential mismanagement of funds. 
  • Protecting your privacy - Because probate is a matter of public record, you may want to consider a trust to protect your privacy. 
No matter old you are, now is the time to start the estate and trust-planning conversation. At Brumley Robinson & Associates CPAs PLLC, we understand the difficulty and complexity involved with this type of planning. Our Huntersville staff is dedicated to responsiveness, professionalism, and quality. As trusted advisors to our clients, our top priority is providing insightful advice so that our clients can make thoughtful and smart decisions that will benefit their families for generations.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation regarding your interest in or management needs regarding estates and trusts.

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